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Sternum Area, all the Chest Oddities (Sternum Thread)?


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Ranging through any term or adjectives that could possibly describe these feelings.  All word apply except pain or hurt, because it truly does not hurt nor is it painful, but a collection of weird sensation that fall under the category very bothersome.


Anyone on board here?  Yesterday I  was again convinced that i had some serious medical condition that surely involved either my pancreas, liver, gall bladder or even my heart.  all sorts of oddness going on in there. 


But today it seems I have just few symptoms.  I would not even know I was in withdrawal except for waking up feeling horrible. 


Surely as the day goes on I will be plagued with more sternum conundrums

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I don't get this in my sternum, but I do get it in my hands and arms.  There is no pain per se.  But there is tingling, deep vibration feelings, maybe some heat, and just a general weirdness that is very hard to describe.  A lot of different sensations rolled into one.  It's more intense in the morning and at night.
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