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Prazosin is my miracle cure.  It is a blood pressure medication and it stopped my CNS from flaring up which has allowed me to live a symptom free life.  Since taking Prazosin I've gotten so much better and almost all of my withdrawal symptoms have gone away. 


If you suffer from a physiological response to anxiety and panic attacks you might benefit from Prazosin so the next time you are with your doctor/psychiatrist you should review Prazosin.  All it is is a blood pressure medication that stops your excessive adrenaline from taking over your body.  It doesn't effect you psychologically, but it helps with the physiological symptoms.  I really can't say enough great things about Prazosin!



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Like most things on this site, I had the opposite experience on Prazosin. I took 1mg in the morning and 2mg at night.


I wasn't put on it for anxiety. My doc thought that by controlling adrenaline surges, we could control my pain level. It didn't help the pain.


It made me very weak and increased my DP/DR and depression. I was so weak that I was unable to walk more than a few steps after starting it. I took it for 3 months, and I kept sinking deeper into depression. The first day I didn't take my morning dose, I had more energy than I've had in 3 months. When I stopped the night dose, I felt the best I had since mid-way through my taper.


I just wanted to caution against the drug if you are already weak, bed ridden, experiencing DP/DR, or are prone to depression.


But if anxiety/panic is your issue, it may help.

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