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cant get stable, please give me some info and advise


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So I have gone from .5mg of klonopin (taken 0.25mg 2 x per day for about 6 months)

Have dry cut (using a scale) tapered down to about 0.215mg or just over 43% of my original dose, still taking 1/2 in morning and same at night.

Things went pretty well until my last cut that was approx 10%, cuts before this were a bit larger but I decided to slow down.

Normal cycle would be 2 or 3 days feeling ok followed by a week of feeling like flu and crap followed by a couple of pretty bad days, Anxiety, insomnia and loud tinnitus etc followed by a couple of days of feeling relatively ok then cut and start cycle again. Typically this has been 14 to 16 day cycle.

This last cut I had the 2 or 3 days of feeling ok followed by a couple of days of much worse than normal then a couple of days of not too bad but before I could cut again I started to feel generally flu like with bad anxiety and seem to be getting worse as the days progress, I am just over 21 days now and had a really sleepless night last night and feel anxiety all the time.

Should I stay a bit longer or should I power through with another cut? (I am determined not to up dose)


Thanks for any input and help 

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I am new to this group, but my advice would be to listen to your body, and wait till you stabilize as before.  Like you I refuse to go back up, and that thought in itself, I know for me, is me not allowing this process to just be.  I want to control everything, especially the timetable, and I know that is one of my biggest hurdles that I must get over in order to move through this process more smoothly.  You sound very level headed, which is more then I can say for myself in the mists of the side effects, that will serve you well in you eventual success with this!  I am rooting for you, and I hope at least that helps some  :)  Stay strong, and take the good with the bad!
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Thanks for the kind reply, level headed on the outside as I am a master of cover up. Running around like a mad thing on the inside. Just got back from a manic walk trying to get rid of some anxiety,

Anyway I keep telling myself that I will get through this but at the moment cant shake the feeling that I lulled myself into a false security by being able to function pretty much all the time except for a couple of days every 2 weeks up till now.

These last 3 weeks have been by far the worst and things that distracted me before seem to not be working at the moment.

I do remember that bad days when I had them prior, when they ended, ended quite fast and I felt better seemingly over night.

I am hoping for this again.

Its not easy for me to accept but I am in a better position than many on this board, I do not need to work and am not worried about loosing a job. Bills will be paid and food and shelter will never be unavailable.

I hooked up with a good Doctor, he is having trouble completely understanding my plight but he did some research and is not liable to cut me off.

Through this Doctor I found a good compounding pharmacy who will be taking the burden off of me with my taper cuts as of my next cut. The owner of this pharmacy talks as if he understands and says he has worked with people in my situation before and will look for ways that make my taper as easy as can be.


Best regards and warm thoughts to everyone in our shoes.

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