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Need advice please -- came so far on klonopin taper but think I need to updose


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I have not posted since the early days after I joined this group early in 2016. At that time I was at 3mg klonopin, down from 4mg which I foolishly cut to in one shot (prior to doing any research or finding BB). Since then I have done a steady taper and made it down to 0.15mg in seven months. It has not been easy by any stretch, but not horrible either. However I'm now having a very difficult time with sleep at this low dose. Throughout the whole taper, sleep was bad. I would wake many, many times each night but with even a small amount of sleep I could get by. But I cannot stand the near total insomnia I have now. I believe (hope) this may be the result of cutting too fast at the lower doses and can be overcome with an updose and several weeks hold. I am thinking of going back to 0.20mg. I was sleeping a little at that dose. I am concerned however because I took a rescue dose last night (an additional 0.15mg) and it did not help me sleep. At all.


Does anyone have any advice for this situation? What do I do if I updose to 0.20mg but still cannot sleep? 

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Sorry you are having such a hard time  :therethere:

Completely understandable given how far you have come in such a short time. You have put in some really hard work to get here. you have already done the experiment of trying a one time updose and it didn't help. My personal experience was that each time I went back on benzos it got harder to taper. It seems like you could hold here for longer to give yourself a break, or if your doctor was on board maybe consider a cross to Valium. I had to cross to Valium to finish the klonopin taper and it helped a lot with sleep. Good luck and take care!



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