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How many of us actually lost track of our dosages over time?


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To start out, I began taking xanax daily in 2006.  I ct ed 12-2012.  So I went through full blown withdrawal once before and had about one year off.  I try to sift through my old posts and really see how many times I was "rescuing" myself (which no doubt lead to perpetual use) I am reminded of how much and how more frequent I was really dosing.  I should not call them rescue doses, I was merely trying to get some REAL sleep.


In order to make sense of why I feel so horrible I want to know if I really took enough over the last couple years to render me this bad.  I recall a few stints here and there and then last August I was taking them just about every week (3 - 4 times weekly).  My last dose was May 12th of this year.


So over all I was off them for about a year.  I guess I really only went about two weeks with out any.  I see a history of one or two just to avoid full blown withdrawal. 


Was this kindling?  Just about to enter full withdrawal, then a dose here and there to cool things off?

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