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Just epxerienced bad withdrawal, so glad I found this site!


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I just woke up from the most horrible nightmare that I couldn't fully awaken from after skipping a day of bensos. I was starting to have hallucinations, fear, sweats, vivid colors, lack of coordination, and fright. I made it downstairs, popped my dose, then started reading. I'm so appreciative to have this support and knowledge system. Looking forward to getting through this and getting rid of my dependance!
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Hello mike2881,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies! What you experienced is very common when someone abruptly stops taking a benzo. This happened to me as well when I was given Ativan for a supposed inner ear issue and I skipped a dose to see how my ears were doing. I had no idea why I was so very ill.


What benzo are you taking and at what dose?


These types of medications are very tricky and it doesn't take long for physical dependency to develop.  Benzos are really designed for short term use, say 2 -3 weeks.  After that they can become ineffective at the dose requiring more and more of the drug to achieve the original effect.


We can certainly provide the support and encouragement you desire as you strive to be benzo free.


A slow taper can minimize withdrawal symptoms. Generally a taper rate of no more than 5-10 % every 10-14 days is recommended. I'll give you a link to the General Taper Plans for additional information.


I'll also give you a link to the Ashton Manual, an excellent resource about these types of drugs and how to withdraw. It was written by an expert in the field.


We do understand this process and will help you along your journey to withdraw from benzos.  Please feel free to ask questions, we're here to help.


General Taper Plans   


The Ashton Manual


pianogirl  :)


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Hi there, thank you so much for the reply. I've been taking 1mg of Xanax for about 8 years. Within the last year, a doctor switched me to Clonazepam. Within the last month, I've tapered down to .5mg daily. Yesterday, I forgot to take it and felt OK until about midnight. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was stuck in this nightmare and couldn't fully wake up. When I finally did come downstairs, my movement was very slurred, had the sweats, kept seeing tracers, blurred vision, and felt so scared. I knew what I was going through and started researching the side effects of benzos in depth, which made my anxiety even worse. I took my dose and was so happy to find this site and actually read many of the stickies provided, which helped so much.


I honestly started taking it for occasional anxiety and panic attacks. Originally, I wasn't concerned with abusing it and found a Dr. in FL that was known for prescribing it without question. After a 3 month supply, I found another Dr. that prescribed 1mg daily at 6 refills. I've always been a bit edgy and loved the way it calmed me down, so obviously became dependent quickly. I never took the time to really read the effects of the drug and really how hard it was to stop taking it. Couldn't be that bad if so many doctors prescribe it so easily, right? WRONG. I have a good career, am finishing my Bachelor degree in December, have a nice roof over my head, and 2 great kids and wife. Last night I realized that I was going through very real withdrawals just like any other drug addict and I felt so disappointed in myself. It is definitely time to taper off this drug. I would have never started if I had to experience just one of these withdrawals first. Wicked. I've been working with my new doctor, who is genuinely concerned about the effects of benzos, and she has started my taper and I am trying to replace it with Viibryd 40mg daily, which she recommended.


Anyway, I'm committed to getting off the benzos and appreciate the support system SO much. I broke the news to my wife last night and she is here to support me through this as well.



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Benzodiazepines work very well for a little while and then they don't, leaving us with a physical addiction that exacerbates our original symptoms.  Please don't beat yourself up for allowing yourself relief from anxiety and panic attacks...the problem is the drug, not you.


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Hello again,


Challis is right, the issue is the drug and the fact that it is wrongly prescribed for long term usage.  It can help you over a hump but then it creates a bigger hump to overcome. Try not to spend time feeling guilty, I did that as myself and it didn't help me through the process at all.


I'm glad your wife is there for you as a support and that you have a knowledgeable and helpful doctor, they are not that easy to find.


pianogirl  :smitten:

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