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Effects of sugar


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does anyone know the reason lots of buddies feel like sugar exacerbates their symptoms? I have been indulging more than I should lately and am wondering if it would be better to keep the sugar low
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I know sugar makes me very sensitive to any trigger. It's both physical and psychological.  Sadly, I've been craving it like mad this last  year and have indulged many times.  Each time I am filled with regret because I go bonkers.  I can have sugar from fruit or in very small amounts (7 grams from dark chocolate) without feeling bad at all.  If you want it, and it doesn't seem to bother you then enjoy. 


Everyone is different.  Someone said that asparagus revs them up.  Veggies don't get me hyped but some will blow up my stomach.  It's all about the individual.

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