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Using Alcohol as a Solvent?


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Hi Folks,


I am planning on doing a liquid taper of lorazepam (Ativan). I am currently at tolerance, w/ a dose of 1.mg/day at bed time. I read some of the posts involving the use of methyl alcohol, since lorazepam is neither water, acid nor lipid soluble, but is soluble in alcohol. I have several questions about this. First:, alcohol is also a GABA agonist & has a synergistic effect w/ benzos that can really screw up w/drawal & recovery, even in small amounts. I am assuming, then that the method using methyl alcohol (Everclear/Vodka) is diluted in water to an extent that the alcohol levels are negligible. Am I correct on this? If so, how much alcohol would I use to dilute the ativan, to be added to water to make a 100ml solution?


Thx for any info :0

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Well, first of all, it's ethyl alcohol aka ethanol. Methyl alcohol aka methanol is toxic and will kill you or cause severe harm. You definitely don't want to be drinking that!


As for dilution, yes, that is what you want to do. You also want to use high strength alcohol like Everclear which is 95% pure ethanol. That's the highest strength alcohol you can get as a consumer in the US. You can get "anhydrous" alcohol (which means 100% alcohol), but you usually have to order that from a lab supply company which is way too much effort when you can just go to the liquor store and get 95% alcohol which works just as well.


Lorazepam is sparingly soluble in alcohol which means it takes anywhere between 30-100ml of alcohol dissolve 1g of solid. This translates to roughly 10mg/ml to 33mg/ml solubility which means it will be pretty easy to dissolve your lorazepam in alcohol.


As an example, for my clonazepam taper I use 2ml of 95% alcohol per 1mg tablet (crushed into a fine powder of course) mixed with 98ml water. For yourself, you could use as low as 1ml of alcohol, but that's hard to measure without the aid of a syringe (but you can buy syringes online for pretty cheap, pipettes work as well, but it's much harder to be precise with a pipette even if it is a graduated one). I would say go with the lowest amount of alcohol you feel you can comfortably measure out with a high amount of accuracy. I would say try 5ml of alcohol with 95ml of water first. If you feel comfortable, try 1-2ml of alcohol (again, only if you feel comfortable and have stuff like syringes to make accurate measurements).

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