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how long physical symptoms gone


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I'm nearly 6 months off all physical and psychological

Symptoms are all around.who had past this timeline

And which symptoms that gone or relieved

My symptoms  morning adrenaline surge,burning

Skin legs thighs arms,teeth clench,ache muscle,

Jelly legs,blur vision,dry eyes,dry mouth,tinnitus,

Diarrhea,dizziness,joint pain,muscle pain,stiff joint,

Cracking joint,severe anxiety etc.

No any let up.why nearly 6 months mark no sign of

Improvement.who had gone ahead please share your

Jouney.give me hope.appreciate

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I am 10 months off and I also have the adrenaline surges, muscle tension, tinnitus, and a couple of other symptoms. The intensity of these symptoms has decreased for me and there are noticeable gaps in time where the adrenaline surges are pretty faint. I also have had a significant reduction in muscle tension. I guess my message is that it does get better. It just gets better really slowly. As for the adrenaline surges, the HPA axis (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis) tends to be one of the last things to stabilize from this experience according to some of the research literature Perseverance posted awhile ago. So be patient with the adrenaline surges, you might be living with those for awhile.


By the way, I would say that I didn't feel that healed at 6 months either. I would say that I really didn't feel like anything significant had happened until about a month and a half ago. However, if I look back with a less jaundiced eye, I can see little things that got better along the way. The little changes were just small enough and varied enough in different areas that it really didn't feel like much had happened. This might be the case for you as well. One quick question. Have you had any heart palpitations ( hard hart beats or pvcs )? My situation has gotten better with those as well recently. Any weird chest sensations either? These have also gotten better but I am just curious to compare situations. Good Luck.

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Sandeetoro --


Please keep hanging on. Most feel relief from the physical sxs around the 6 month mark. I know you'll find relief soon! Keep going!


Never again

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