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Doctor says I have a concussion, anyone had this in withdrawal?


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So about 6 days ago I injured my head, I tripped and fell

And since then have been extremely groggy,confused,disorientated,nausea,blurred vision, light sensitivites. Trouble is these are all symptoms of withdrawal that I have experienced throughout my journey but neverall at once and never this severe. I am beyond scared that I have either got a concussion that I cant come back from (due to my injury from benzos) or I have flared myself up and disrupted my taper or both. I have had many flare ups in the past and have been on quite the rollercoaster with still a while to go in my taper. I was supposed to get it right this time and my taper was suprisingly going relativly smooth given what I've been through with kindling etc.


Can anyone offer me their experience if they have had a concussion in withdrawal? I was told it can last a long time and Im petrified of that being delayed further by my sensitive CNS and exising injury from Benzos. I did have a CT scan but nothing showed.

If anyone can offer me some guidence or relay similar stories that would be much appreciated.


Kind regards

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CT scans wont show too much unless it's a brain tumor,stroke, lesions or disease, I developed aphasia somehow and went to the ER a few days ago to get checked out and had a CT scan done and it came back negative for anything....but still was diagnosed with aphasia...best bet would be to contact a neurologist and get an MRI done that shows more detail and can tell if you of had a brain injury from falling
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Thanks, yeah I'll be getting one later in the week.

How do I rifferentiate a concussion from withdrawal symptoms?

Its virtually impossible :(

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