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TALLY! Anyone healed from high dose, AND/OR long term use in less than a year?


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I realize everyone is different in their healing times and methods. But, just for informational purposes, would like to know if any of you, or anyone you know has been exposed to high dose AND/OR long term use and healed in less than a year?? Doesn't matter if it's 24 hours less than a year.  Thanks so so much.
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I stopped 8 mg of Ativan cold turkey in a detox center. My early withdrawal was nothing less than horrific. However by month 10 I was 90-95 healed.  It was my third detox. My first detox was from a very high dose of Valium. I was prescribed 30 mg but during my last month I took between 50 mg-120 mg a day. I had reached tolerance and even those mega doses did nothing. That withdrawal was horrific as well. It took me about 7 months to heal and for some reason I started them again for 85 days.  I was taking from 2-3 mg of Ativan a day. Within days I within 24 hours the crushing depression that kept me bedridden was gone. The first month was horrific as well, but I never considered my self healed and I reinstated for the third and final time.
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Hope all is well! Hopefully this will make you feel a little bit more at ease, but yes it is very possible to heal within a year from a high dose! I was taking 12-14 Mg's of Kpins a day sometimes even up to 16 mg for several years (Started on 2mg x2 or 3 times a day). I went cold turkey as well, which from what I've read can make the WD/healing process last even longer. I WOULD NOT recommend cold turkey, it was very very brutal the first 30-45 days. On top of that I C/T 60 mg of oxycodone at the same time. Stopped all meds on March 7th, so its been about 7 months now and I'd say I/m 95% recovered and really bounced back around month 3-4. I had quite a few serious Injury's in the past which I took the pain meds for, so I think most of my issues now were already present before I took any of those meds.


As you stated everyone is different, and from the feed back I received I'm kinda a rare case. Think some even doubted the amount I was taking and how fast I recovered.


This may help you as well....Magnesium Citrate/ or Oxide along with Magnesium Oil which absorbs rapidly thru the skin. For me this stopped the Brain zaps/ jolts, Jolting awake as soon as I was about to fall asleep, stopped my burning skin which was amazing. It also almost completely stops Gaba/Lyrica withdrawals as well. I went from taking 10,000 mg's down to 1600mg a day with literally no withdrawal. So I'd recommend giving it a try.


If you have any ?'s or need to chat feel free to PM me. Wish you a fast and painless recovery, god speed!



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