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Every day is like a coin flip and I'm fine with that


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This is just a quick message to everyone out there suffering to remind you all that it does get better.


Things are far from perfect for me, I'm still dealing with scads of sleep issues and fatigue (my energy is all over the place), lack of motivation (I have to really push myself), and some anxiety (but not full-out panic attacks), not to mention mental fog, and yet, despite all this, I'm smiling more (or rather, I'm smiling, period!) and happier than I've been in many months.


It seems to run counter to how I want to feel in theory. I shouldn't feel this positive with all the symptoms I still have and yet I do. I've gone from forcing myself to think that things would get better, to believing they would get better, to knowing they are getting better. It took months to create this type of thinking, but now it's almost effortless. Yes, I still need to do a lot of self-talk on the bad days, but the old negative thought patterns don't stand a chance anymore! I'm now working on building and reinforcing patience, but I know it will happen!


Hang in there buddies! Take good care of your bodies and feed your minds happy, healthy, positive, healing thoughts. Let nature take its course. You can do this!

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