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Severe Restless Legs & Won't Stablize + Rash


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Does anyone get severe restless legs from benzo withdrawal? Both my legs feel extremely uncomfortable and moving them doesn't help. It kind of feels like I've been standing for hours and I have a huge urge to sit down or something. I'm starting to get that same feeling in my back now too. Maybe there is something over the counter I can take for it that won't effect my healing? Sometimes it lasts the entire day and night and I wake up with it too. I'd say that symptom is even worse than the anxiety.


Also, I keep waking up with my ears ringing with the spins and anxiety and nervousness. Now I'm getting intrusive thoughts and the nervousness is so bad, I feel like to throw up. I look and feel extremely unhealthy. I look like a drug addict. I have dots all over my arms and legs, had it for months. The rash started when all my symptoms began in November.


And I hope that rash is not SJS.

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Hi jx,


I have gotten RLS during w/d and had to get out of bed to walk it off, sometimes walking doesn't help either. So I sit and rock until it finally succumbs. I used to have a prescription for it which helped quite a bit, but I discontinued it on my own a few years back, because it stopped bothering me. (that was pre-benzo). I haven't reinstated that med simply because I feel I'm already on too many presently. My neurologist prescribed them for me.


I don't know of anything OTC. There might be something out there. You could google to see what is available, if anything for OTC.


I know what you mean, it's a horrible feeling, like you're going to crawl out of your skin. Maybe you could see a neurologist too?


Hope you find help soon.


~CeCe  :therethere:

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Yes, I had this also. I bought some transdermal magnesium spray from amazon. I don't know if the magnesium helped or not, but the symptoms went away within a few weeks at most and did not return.


I bought the mag spray because I read RLS can be caused by a magnesium deficiency, however people on BB have had varying success with Magnesium , so this is just My personal experience.


I still spray the mag spray on the bottoms of my feet before bed. I think it helps me sleep as well.



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