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Scholarships for Students who are mentally ill and are on meds?


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Hello All,


I am currently in school and I am applying for a bunch of different scholarships. I have panic disorder/anxiety and some bipolar traits. Any ideas for key topics or strong points to put in my essay? Also does anyone know of any scholarships that maybe I did not come across yet?

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Hi Vmalone,


I'm sorry you've not got any replies yet, and not being from the US, I can't help much with Scholarships.


Well done on planning your studies  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I believe key topics and strong points to be unique to you as a Person, who you are, underneath/beyond any "illness" you've been diagnosed (or perhaps even labeled) with.


So what interests you? What do you enjoy doing? Why so you want to get on the course? What would you like to do with you degree?...


I hope that helps...


Let us know how you get on!!

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thank you! that is a good point! I know this sounds silly but I am big time into horror movies. besides scholarships for personal experiences, I will look maybe for scholarships for people with interests.....I guess "entertainment scholarships"....you brought out a good point!! Thanks! Also, thanks for the help with key topics to put on my "personal experience' scholarships! I appreciate it! After coming off Risperdal my brain is a little foggy...LOL!
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