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Clobazam withdrawal.


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I got switched from clonazepam 0.5mcg to clobazam 10mg over 3 months ago whilst in hospital. I then had problems with being unresponsive to stimuli (no one knew it was drug) so the hospital tripled it to 30mg to control my seizures.

This left me unable to function and take my other meds etc. So within few days i dropped down to 10mg again.


After having arguments with my epilepsy nurse and other side effects i am coming off it. She said reduce to 5mg for 2 weeks and then none for 2 weeks.


However i have been fine with 5 mg for just over 2 weeks but after a seizure last week  ive been really tired alot of the day and a few days later instead of coming off altogether as suggested i have gone to 2.5mg


I am getting more and more tired with headache


Is there anyway to help combat the tiredness.

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