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Taper almost done after 2 years ....feeling worse not better...


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I have a few more weeks left of taper off of the morphine ER and one or two weeks left of Valium taper and I suppose once done with that I will somehow figure out what to do about the Sinemet.

I found out I don't have PD .....it's all been medication related.

I have done all of this tapering on my own.....

Trying so hard......but I keep feeling worse over these two years...not better.

Scared for what my future holds......I'm only 45 and I've lost half of my life to this.

Any support would be good support.........been scared to reach out....... :(

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Maybe I'm reading your signature wrong, but it looks like you started tapering 40 mg valium in May 2016 to almost nothing today?!?  Is that right?  Or did you start your taper two years ago?


Either way, your body will now have to play a little catch up with your taper.  It might take some times, but hopefully not too long.  Be patient.


Oh, and congratulations for getting off this stuff (almost).  My life's been better since I stopped.  Hope yours will be too.

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Just a quick gander at your sig, it appears your tapering 2 big ticket items.  Pain meds, and benzo's.  With that said, both are CNS depressants.  That's gotta be making your CNS go into hyperdrive.  Plus maybe you're tapering a little fast?  I've done the rapid cuts, and they symptoms feel like they'll never go away.  They have lessened with time.  Time is the ultimate healer.  Maybe talk to your doc about a good taper plan, and/or look into the Dr Ashton method.  Best wishes to you!
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First.....thank you, thank you for responding.

Please I apologize and I will try to clarify......

Once I began questioning all the meds I was on 2-3 yrs ago. my than psychiatrist of many years told me I needed to find a new doctor as she felt we no longer had trust between us.

Which began the whole Parkinsons diagnosis.....which I now know to be a misdiagnosis.

I will have to address the Sinemet as well....that is however for a different time as I'm scared to jump off so many all at once with no doctor helping me.

The doctor who prescribes the MS Contin er keeps telling me I need it and will not prescribe the Valium in conjunction with it and has also told me I need to find a new doctor but will continue prescribing the MS Contin er no problem.

I had to practically beg the psychiatrist to switch me from Klonipin to Valium....which she finally relented and did so after the movement specialist spoke with her but with the understanding I was to find a new doctor. This took place almost a year ago while she also took away the Serequel at that time on the movement disorder specialists advice.

I was put on Sinemet at that time by the movement specialist which I am still currently on however I have since been told I do not have Parkinson's disease yet no one will actually say this is all benzo related symptoms I am having.

I apologize again if time lines are scrambled as I currently am not doing so well.....

I immediately started tapering myself on both the Valium and MS Contin er myself in January of this year when she released me from her practice with a 3 month supply of 30mg daily of Valium.

As for the MS Contin er that my internist prescribes, I chose to do that taper as well seeing as no relief was coming from this medication and I felt I never belonged on it.

So.....to sum up my current state.....I am down to 45mg a day of Mscontin er, Sinemet 25/100 x4 a day and I tapered what I had of the Valium since January on my own.....which brings me to today.

I have a 7 10 mg pills left having tapered on my own the best I could......I have broken them up to the smallest possible I could which I am currently at 2.5 mgs. 2x's a day.

I will have to come off the Valium completely when they run out as I was not able to find a doctor that understands benzo withdrawal is a long process....I did try with 3 different psychiatrists to understand to no avail.....which leaves me in my current state.

I'm really not complaining.....I do understand I have a long road ahead of me......I'm just scared of how much worse I will get once Valium is done as I am barely functioning now......

Once again.....thank you immensely for any words of support and/or advice .....it is greatly appreciated.


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