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Help with personal Klonopin Taper


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In the past I have not had much success coming off from the 2 mg. mark and this go around I feel bad but better and more hopeful than ever before in 9 years of going back and forth with this. Eating gluten free to help with GI (experimenting). Exercising 3 times a week and working full time all in a pretty nasty state. Forcing myself to go seems to be better then stopping my whole work and personal life. My hair is falling out quite fast and skin not so great at all but my god if I can make it who the hell cares if become hideous, I'll be alive and free! So back to question would you, like I have in the past continue at the 2 week to 1 month .25mg K cut taper or micro taper down as I see quite a few people doing as well?  Thanks
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