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Tapering off Xanax and Ambien


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-Joining for support with tapering in all ways; withdrawal support; taper advice and information about withdrawal symptoms.

-Currently dropped to .75mg of Xanax 3-4 times a day and about 4mg of Ambien a night; late November 2015 cut from 10mg to 5mg of Ambien. 7 months ago was taking 1mg Xanax 3-4 times a day and 10mg of Ambien a night.

-Have taken Xanax for 20 years and Ambien for about 18 years? not sure :(

-Just starting my taper of benzos; May 24 2016 was last dose of Effexor and before that I went off Remeron and Lamictal. Have been going off meds since February 2015

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Hello one day at a time,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies!  You certainly have eliminated a lot of drugs in the past year, good for you.  The last two, Xanax and ambien are very similar and affect the central nervous system in the same manner. That is why it is recommended to taper just one drug at a time.  Normally that is the short acting benzo, Xanax.


A slow taper can help to reduce withdrawal effects. Generally a taper rate of no more than 5-10 % every 10-14 days is recommended. 


I'll give you a link to the Ashton Manual, an excellent resource about these types of medications and how to withdraw. It was written by an expert in the field.


I'll also give you a link to the General Taper Plans for additional information.


Take it slowly and you'll be benzo and ambien free.  We'll be here to offer information, support and encouragement while you are on your journey.


Please feel free to ask questions, we're here to help.


The Ashton Manual


General Taper Plans   


pianogirl  :)


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Hello- I took xanax for thirty years and tapered off it - my last pill was May 31st. Let me know if I can help you. Benzo buddies is a great place to get support and advice.
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