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14 months off - quesitons for you all


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Today is 14 months off for me. Am I happy about it yes? Am I thrilled about it no, because I still have symptoms. By far the worst symptom I have is back and neck pain. I would not be to worried about it had it not started before the benzos (hence the benzos).


This is what I suspect:




I had tested positive for the HLA B27 back in 2012. I went to a couple of rheumatologists and they could not tell me much. I asked one of them specifically about HLA B27 and he excluded it. However, I read that this disease take years to develop.


At this point I am not sure if I should further investigate or wait until the wd is over.





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I'm at 13 months off and also test positive for HLA-B27. However, 8% of Caucasians, for example, carry this gene, so it's not entirely uncommon. I don't have or appear to have ankylosing spondyitis, which is a VERY RARE disease. My family doctor has been in practice for well over 25 years, and was once a professor/allergist at a large university, and he's had but a single patient diagnosed with AS.


I learned that I carried, for the lack of a better term, HLA-B27 back in 2011. However, I actually have less hip and back pain now than I did then. If you are able to (and aren't doing so already, of course), I suggest you take up yoga and swimming. They have really done wonders for my back! Good luck to you.

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