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doc told me that you can't get depression when coming of klonopin


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Hello everyone.  I'm writing this feeling very discouraged.  I went to my doctor today...who had put me on a rapid taper (from about 1 mg klonopin taken over a year to .25 mgs daily for one week...then .125 mgs daily week two).  I didn't get to week two because the withdrawal..mainly depression...became intolerable..so I reinstated a couple days ago.  I told her how miserable I was feeling and she said that reducing klonopin dosage...even rapidly. ..cannot cause depression.  I told her that I spoke to a few pharmacists about rapid tapering and that they all recommended a very slow taper so as to prevent withdrawal.  I also asked her if she ever heard of Dr Ashton...she denied knowing anything about her work.  I kindly asked her if she believed that all of those people were wrong.  She just said that I have my opinion and that I have gotten many people off of benzos very quickly.  Needless to say she disrespected my suffering and many others who are suffering from withdrawal.  I will be looking for another doctor.  Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks so much for listening.
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Sometimes doctors don't know what they are talking about. I hate to say that and I don't normally go around doctor bashing because they are medical professionals and have learned a lot more than those of us who are armchair doctors who come on this site to dish out medical advice. I try not to be one of those.


However that said my GP prescribed me Xanax for 15 years. I also was addicted to pain medication. I went through rehab in November 2015 and was released the day before thanksgiving. I came off cold turkey over 10 days in rehab. The doctor and counselors at rehab told me it would take 2-3 but I would recover fast. I cannot to this day understand if they just tell people that do they really believe. I guess that is a question for a different forum.


Any way sorry sometimes I make other ppls posts about me. Anyway I actually started out talking about my GP. So I got out of rehab and they made me an appointment to see him without telling me (they say his name on the prescription bottles that I brought it. He is part of the same corporation as the Rehab facility so when I showed up in this office the first thing he said was "I see you were in the rehab facility so I cannot prescribe anything to you. He would not prescribe medicine for my blood pressure, my anti depressant nothing.


Luckily I did find a great new doctor who has been helping me a lot and does write prescriptions to me. Not benzos either.  Good luck I hope things go well for you.

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Tell your doc to read these:


Can J Psychiatry. 1988 Oct;33(7):626-7.


Br J Gen Practv.56(533); December 2006


Psychol Med. 1984 Nov;14(4):937–940


I can probably find more publications if she needs more.

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Oh no... I totally understand what you are feeling now.. I think I sat in front of about... let me think... 20 different doctors in order to find one that would support me in withdrawal and I heard such crab.


Can you change your doctor?

That she does not know is the one thing, but she doesn't seem interested in getting information and a sentence like "you have your opinion and mine" is totally not correct there.


Depression is THE symptom! And there are many reasons for that. GABA receptors, Liver Weakness, nervous system.. and your situation in withdrawal - she is stupid. I have to say that.


Anyway - don't let her into your mind. What you feel is the truth. If you would get a 3d leg, it would be the truth.

And: Depression will get better! I couldn't believe it. But really, it comes and goes but intensity has become much better. and i am just 3 months off.


Carry on! Believe in you!


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This is something that doctors are taught. My doctor told me the same thing about tapering. He apparently has never heard or seen anyone have to taper slow especially while on such a low dose as i am. I showed him my paper of times and weights along with a scale from 1 - 10 for each day of how I'm feeling. His reaction was like he was completely baffled.


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