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11 months insomnia,taking nitrazepam but how long?


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Tried them all,antidepressants,antipsychotics and now I'm on nitrazepam 5 mg+2.5 mg of olanzapine for 3 weeks.

I think 10 mg of nitrazepam works too to make me fall asleep.e to go to work which is not solution to take long term.

Every 3-4 days I change olanzapine with plus 5 mg of nitrazepam because I think the olanzapine accumulates in my body and gaves me zombie feeling over day and I hav

I am only 5 mg of escitalopram which I think,and doctors don't agree that lexapro was the reason why I was waking up around 3 a.m. every night.


Now the problem is only falling asleep,I can't fall asleep without meds for like a year.

I was threated in hospital 2 times and psychiatrist gave me 2 diagnosis F63 and F45.2 but I don't think it has to do with my insomnia.

I'm shiftworker too.

I want to ask you how safe is to take nitrazepam long term and how long would it work to make me fall asleep?

I was taking remeron 15 mg before nitrazepam but I couldn't not stand zombified feeling whole day long tomorrow and drowsiness was unbelieveable.It was same with seroquel,amytripline and stronger a.p.



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Do you mean Mirtazapine? Not Nirtazapine? I have the same question about mirtazapine. My doc prescribed it for my insomnia. He said it is safe and not addicting like Benzos, however a person needs  to be withdrawn slowly when coming off of it.

Ihopeyou and I get replies bec I am pretty scared. I never had insomnia like this before I was put on Valium and reached tolerance. It reLly messed up my life,  I am now inwithdrawal from Valium which was prescribed. Wish I never took it!  Can you tell I'm having a bad day?

Have you tried melatonin to help you fall asleep? 


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I was on Valium for about 8 months. Was up to 7.5 mg daily dose. I am now at 1.25 in my taper.

My doc said I could take mirtazapinr(Remeron) at 3.75mg to help me sleep. It works like a charm. But I am very afraid of getting addicted. Getting off of Valium is difficult enough.


So my doc said it was okay to take the Remeron periodically, only if I don't sleep well for days at a time, and then I could take it only now and then if I wanted.


Well recently I have had really bad w/d symptoms. I thought it was from too big of a cut from my Valium. ( I am in a 27 day hold on that right now)

But last week I took a Remeron and the next day my w/d fx were much better.. But then got worse as the week went on

Did not need or take any Remeron all week , and my w/d fx got progressively worse!

Two nights ago, after no Remeron for a week, I took 3.75 Remeron again and again my w/d fx were almost gone.  Last night I did not take any Remeron and again my w/d fx are horrible.


I'm so confused. Is taking the Remeron the way I am taking it  ( only periodically ) putting me into Remeron withdrawal every time I do take it for only one day?


Or Is it that the Remeron is just taking the edge off of my Valium withdrawal and it is still really the big cut in Valium that is giving me these horrible withdrawal side effects.

Which is it?

I think maybe I should ""bite the bullet " and just take the Remeron every night and accept the fact that I have to sleep and accept the fact that I will have to be weaned off of it too.


I'd love to just not take the Remeron at all,, but I just Have to sleep!

HELP PLEASE, heathcliff

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