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Walking Exercising-- I KNOW it's hard to even think about but it helps!


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I was in the worst of ways one day which started with a huge panic attack and then spiraled into depression. My mom sent me a study showing that exercise helped just as much as some antidepressants. G-d it was SO HARD dragging my body off of the bed and out into the bright sunlight...but I figured since nothing else was even putting a dent in my depression I was going to make myself do it. I pretended I was someone else just floating along (with my sunglasses on crying). I started slowly and when I got to about 1/4 mile I felt the "stuff" in my brain start to shift...then I was clearer on one side of my head. Things started looking more "real".


It doesn't work every time...sometimes I double up my "dose" of walking. But most times it does help at least a little.


If you are able give it a try... also try the audio book The Panic Switch and any of Dr. Claire Weekes' books. I promise you will find peace in them. You can get them for around 99 cents for the soft cover. I prefer to listen and not read anymore as it hurts my head. Sometimes my mind is so jumbled up I can't even pay attention, but just the soft, friendly voice can get me through a rough, rough patch...


And drink plenty of water! Wow, I had no idea how much drinking the right amount of water can help with dizziness etc.


I gotta go walk, the D is really after me today...have to try and stuff it back into it's cage.  :-[





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