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Help! want to jump 33mg valium to 15mg


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I'm having trouble finding a good Dr. Am scared I won't be able to get

a supply of Valium much longer. I'm considering jumping down from 33mg

to 15mg. Is there much chance of a seizure?

I have reduced to 1mg in the past without too much trouble. I was going down

about 5mg a week after getting off xanax 4mg I tapered the Valium 20mg to 1mg over

about two months.

I'm so sick of this addiction.


If I had a good Dr I would go slower. Mine is very rude. I told them they reassured me I could stabilize

if I was finding it hard. I reminded them of this......they didn't like it and said I could find another Dr if I didn't


How do I find a good reliable Dr?????????

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It is more like a dependency than an addiction. We take them so we don't go into withdrawal. The best way to minimize symptoms is a slow gradual taper. The recommended reduction rate is 5 to 10 percent every two weeks. Stopping too quickly can cause severe symptoms.  The reduction from 33 mg to 15 is over a 50 percent cut.  If you were having some difficulty getting to where you are a cut that large could be very difficult.


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I found a great one by word of mouth. I tried the Yellow Pages at first and ended up with  :idiot:s who wanted to put me on more drugs. I also ditto BRC..........
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Thanks for help.

I want to find another Dr but am scared my current Dr might find out

I'm not happy with her and tell me to go somewhere else. I didn't like the

way she reacted when I told her she had said one thing and was now doing


There's an addiction specialist in Sydney (which is too far away) that may point

me in the right direction.

And a couple of Drs here that I heard may help but again I don't want my current Dr

thinking I'm unhappy with her.

This was much easier when I withdrew myself a few years back without telling Dr as I

was throwing excess pills in the garbage. Now I can't afford to do that.

God help me find someone good who understands!



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Hello Mark Renton in Australia

There is a very good online Anxiety Summit going on right now, from 6th to 16th June, with all sorts of experts in the field who have answers other than the usual "have another pill, dear'.

It is at www.theanxietysummit.com - google it and join, it is free while it is proceeding. It is information like this which has given me the courage to try natural alternatives, and they really are helping a lot, without side-effects.

Good luck


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