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First day on just Valium-side effects


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So, I switched to Valium from Ativan. I did it pretty quick over a week since I was only taking .25-.5 Ativan a day. I started last summer on Valium and switched to Ativan because of side effects and Ativan worked faster to relieve my Panic Attacks. My problem is my weird side effects are back and was wondering if anyone else experienced them. My left arm will get a tiny cramp and then go numb for several hours. I also feel very drugged or drunk and this is from a 2.5 mil dose split up into 2 separate times. I'm wondering if I should switch back to Ativan, which I don't want to do, or continue on the Valium taper since I don't like it anyway it might speed up the process. It seems to be much more powerful on me. I also had a few moments where my health anxiety creeped back in my head when my arm was numb and it took my a while to get to sleep. Has anyone had issues with Valium causing side effects and being more sedating? :-X
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