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I am approaching 12 weeks off Clonazepam, and the main symptom that is bothering me is tinnitus.  It sounds like a hissing noise, and it phases in and out of loudness throughout the day and night.  My doctor has prescribed a low dose of Gabapentin to try to help me, but I don't think it makes a difference.  I notice that the tinnitus seems to get worse when I'm on the computer or watching TV.  Has anybody else had this experience?  I would like to hear from somebody who did get over this about their experience and how long it took.  It seems like the tinnitus is getting quieter in general, but it is constantly there.  I'm so sick of this!  My daughter is getting married June 25th, and I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy the wedding.
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Hey you -


I just wrote some tipps in a threat of user tooldman.. but i can't find it a t them moment - could you search please?

in the meantime you should avoid

- being in a calm room or situation!

- concentrating on the tone in your ear, checking "is ist still there"


you must distract your ear and brain from the tone.. Give them silent music, noise of a fan, a tabletop fountain, anything you like.

Do not predominate the tone - that is wrong. Just "mask" it, give it some other "friends", so that your brain has more than the tinitus to deal with.


In germany there are studies that in 70 per cent the people learn to ignore tinitus. But I would say that for this is a withdrawal caused one, it can also pass again.


I have had one before withdrawal and now I have about 5. Only one of it I can't yet get used to, the other ones do not bother me any more.


its not easy but the more you accept it and do not panic and concentrate on it the faster it goes out of your awareness.



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