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Anyone familiar with healthtap ?


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Anyone familiar with healthtap ?


If so, please respond. I just registered to get some kind of answer about how to get off this horrible drug.

Now, I do prefer not to 'upgrade' to premium which costs 99 USD a month or incur any extra costs.


The way I am now, I have a hard time learning about websites like these, understanding the terms and conditions etc.


I wondered what kind of doctor would be best for my situation?

Basically, it's a health issue and I don't see hot to do a regular 'straight' taper and diazepam is so awful.


I actually dropped a question like this, not sure if it will work.  Neurologist, addiction doc, psychiatrist ... ??? Again, without unnecessary costs please.

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I see this question has been moved ??


For my free first question (what type of specialist could help me get off clonazepam) the answer I got was 'a psychiatrist'. Now, I do have my doubts about that answer and I didn't even get a name.

I certainly don't want to incur unnecessary costs and I find their fee structure not that obvious.


Any suggestions for a follow up ? You can connect to all sorts of doctors immediately if you use a premium service of 99 USD. That's not even including the consult.


So I could use some help ... I don't mind spending money if it serves a purpose but I can do that only up to a point. I 've contacted their helpdesk, but if anyone is familair with this ...


In the country I live in no doctor has experience with clonazepam.

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How are you prescribed Klonopin in a country where no one is familiar with it?  Some psychiatrists are awful and some are wonderful, just like people.  A psychiatrist is definitely going to be familiar with benzodiazepines but I had an amazing internist (general practitioner) who knew a lot about it, and did not want me to take it. Unfortunately I didn't continue seeing him and ended up with a psychiatrist who prescribed it and told me it was safe to take for my entire life.  Now I am with a psychiatrist who is helping me off of it gently and with much support and kindness.


Tapering plans are plentiful here on BB.  I myself am using the 10% cut and hold.  Some times I have held more than two weeks, but essentially it has been a predictable course.  I became horribly depressed and anxious while on the medication, and while the anxiety has gone, the depression remains and I never have windows.  My physical symptoms are tolerable so far.  It's a long process; I've been tapering since January 2015 and I've got a long way to go. Looks like another 16 months, which is hard to believe.


I don't know if any of this information helps. If you have regular doctors you can actually go and see in person, could you at least try one and see if they will help you?



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I have a crappy GP who ruined my health by not taking me seriously while pretending otherwise.

A few not-so-good experiences with other docs.


Other health issues besides the benzo were going on and I allowed the GP to make some decisions I shouldn't have.


Here, you need a referral by the GP to see a specialist.


Of course it is prescribed, but so infrequently virtually no doc has any experience with the problems it can cause. A 'regular' straight taper is no longer an option.


It's either clonazepam or diazepam straight, really ?

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I got the following 'free' answers.


'I commend you for your decision to let go off Clonazepam.

I understand that you have not had good experience with the Physicians. Please find a good Psychiatrist for: • Diagnosis • Monitoring any withdrawal symptoms from decreasing Clonazepam, • Diagnosis of side effects • Management of side effects • Therapy for stresses of life. '


A regular psychiatrist ?


'need to wean your self off of.

Gradually decrease the dose over a month and your body will no longer crave it. By that I mean it's a med that is addicting for your body and withdrawal will happen if suddenly stopped. This should be a done under the care of your treating physician. '


Really ?   


A pharmacologist, is that more like a pharmacist or a doctor ?

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What if you are already too sick for a regular taper ? Even under the best of circumstances it would be a great challenge.
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