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Just a Cricket trying to find her Zen


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I am going on my 3rd month of coming off Valium cold turkey.  Not because I wanted to do it this way at all ... but because I was forced to do it this way by a hospital psychiatrist that I had only seen once.  And am now flagged on my personal medical files as being benzo dependent.

Was on 2 doses of Valium 10s and 2s.  The 10s were taken at bedtime and the 2s I was allotted 2 doses during the day or as needed.  I often found myself not really needing the 2s on a schedule, just as needed.  Was on 10s for 6 years and 2s for 4.

Have really been going through the muck.  Am here for support through this process, as I'm sure not finding it anywhere locally.



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Hello ZenCricket,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies!


I'm so sorry that you receive such an irresponsible direction from the psychiatrist, cold turkey is simply not the correct way to withdraw from these types of drugs.  Normally a slow taper is recommended to help alleviate or minimize withdrawal symptoms.


While you might be going through the "muck" right now, know that it is temporary and will ease up with time. What kind of symptoms are you having?


I'll give you a link to the Ashton Manual, an excellent resource about these types of drugs and how to withdraw. It was written by an expert in the field.


I'll also give you a link to the Cold Turkey, Detox and Rapid Withdrawal board where you can communicate with others in the same situation as yourself.


We'll be here to offer support and encouragement, this forum is one of the few places where you will find people who really understand what you are going through. We know, because we have lived it.


Please do ask questions, we're here to help.


The Ashton Manual


Cold Turkey, Detox & Rapid Withdrawal 


pianogirl  :)

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