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,I am three week into benzo withdrawal , I was on .5 klonopin three times a day for a year and a half . I tapered over three and a half months to 0.25 a day then jumped off. I should also say I didn't always take it three times a day and I usually stuck with .5 unless I was doing really bad. I am really close to giving up. I went in to the e r tonight because my blood pressure was going crazy and I felt like I was gonna pass out, I thought I was dying. I have hardly slept the past few days and I will only sleep for a few hours tonight if I'm lucky. I really don't want to reinstate , but I can't handle my mental state right now. I am also scared about my blood pressure it has been high the past few days and it's scaring me , can this lead to anything negative? The doctor belittled me in the e r he basically yelled at me and said I just have withdrawals and anxiety. I just want to know if I should reinstate at this point? Sorry if this is all over the place ,but my mind is all over the place. I just keep thinking I'm gonna die and what is really getting me is how strange my thoughts are right now I have truelly considered checking into a mental institution or some kind of impatient I don't know ? I don't have health insurance so I'm not sure what my options are for that anyways. I'm going to the tribal clinic tommorow to see what they think since it's the only healthcare I can receive  I am pretty sure he is going to try and give me something . I was starting to feel better this week actually went outside all day then the bad withdrawals kicked back in. I am not taking any drugs at this time or supplements my body is clean, I also eat healthy and avoid all caffeine. I was taking cud oil but ran out. I am thinking of smoking some pot to help but am too worried about my blood pressure. I was smoking during my taper to help me get to sleep and for anxiety but once my b p went up I couldn't .


At any rate

Thanks 🤕🤕

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Hi Betray bill :hug: Welcome to benzobuddies


I am sorry for the way you were treated in ER, that was  not very nice at all!!  Although you’re having a rough time right now, it will get better I promise you.  You are pretty early off at 3 weeks, so the symptoms might be very strong for a while,  it should ease off. If you are worried about symptoms get them checked just to be safe.


Reinstatement is not an exact science and does not always work.  The window for reinstating is roughly 2 weeks.  if you are feeling very bad,  it’s up to you, to make the decision.  I am sorry your having such a rotten time.


If you take the time to read  through  “Professor Ashton's  manual” it will validate  what you are feeling.  Some symptoms can be scary but it will get better, you will recover from this


I am putting a link to the Ashton Manual there is a wealth of information there about benzo withdrawal: Professor Ashtons Manual 


We have a wonderful community here,  our members are a caring friendly bunch and will help you all they can. You will receive a lot of support here coming from people who know exactly what you are going through


Here is a link to the Post/Withdrawal/Recovery Support:


Post Withdrawal Recovery Support.


To allow others to see where you are in the process so they can better support you, we ask that you ”Create a signature”


Welcome aboard




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Hell yes high blood pressure WILL cause kidney failure and damage.  Welcome and good luck.  At this point it would be dumb to reinstate.
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