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Just a Few Beers??? Hazy


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I am just trying to quell my nerves.  I had a few beers a couple hours ago.  It is totally all for the sake of relaxation, BUT!!!!    I now feel a bit hazy and just not with it.  I am lagging and putting extra effort into phone conversations. 


It has been a week now since a cold turkey from a few months of low dose Klonopin.




For those who do experiment with a few drinks what was your experience like. 


Hazy, lazy, floaty, just not with it. 


Now I would just assume this is from the Benzo, I just want to rule out any othee medical situation.  (Yes i know if I have concerns, I should seek medical attention.)



Thanks for nay who reply

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I think the real test comes 4-6 hours after you finish drinking when the natural alcohol rebound occurs.  Hopefully, you'll get through this OK, but it probably would have been better to have started with just one beer.  Let us know how you do.
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Will do.  It has subsided.  Ever since I CTed of xanax over 3 years ago I took a good look at my life.  My habits and my addictive behavior took its toll on me and my liver.  So I have good cause to think my insides are giving up. 


I swore off the beer back with the CT, but I sure do like to have one here and there.  I really have foound a good balance (if tghaty is possible with an addict)  My wife is happier, and things are better in life but there is some physical collateral damage. 



But thank you.    It is much better.  That's a good sign.  If I can metabolize the beer, things are still working inside.   

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