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Spreadsheet that will accommodate .5cc reduction/day for liquid titration


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Hi all,

I've found 2 different spreadsheets, the one offered here and another but neither will

allow me to enter a reduction of .5cc. It seems I can only enter 1cc or 2cc.

1cc reduction/day in 300cc liquid is a 10 month taper. I'd like to do a .5cc in 300cc (or perhaps a little less) to create a slower taper schedule.

Does anyone have link to a spreadsheet that will work? Thanks much

UPDATE: It seems I can do a 1cc reduction w/ 180cc of liquid to allow an 11 month taper. (1mg K pills, current dose 73.mg using 180cc liquid and 1cc reduction/day)  Another spread sheet calculates 1cc with 300cc a 10 month taper so one is clearly wrong. I'll do the math and get this figured out. I went to remove this post but site won't let me.

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I set up this spreadsheet a few months ago.  It may do what you want.




Set the current dose at 0.8 (your current dose according to your signature) and the dose in an intact pill (I assume it's 1.0).  Proposed taper duration should be 967 days.  Enter today's date.  Enter 'Liquid'.  Finally enter 300 (for the volume).  That should give you an initial rate drop of 0.5 mls.


The spreadsheet bases your daily micro taper on how you feel, so there are places for you to rate your symptoms each day.  As long as the total of your points falls within 55-69 points, you'll be doing a standard 1st order taper.  If you're feeling good, the rate will accelerate a small amount; and if you feel poorly, the rate decreases. 


Hope this helps. 


There is a macro.  It will not harm your computer.  It simply updates the charts to fit your proposed taper duration.  Note also that the spreadsheet is only 600 days long.  I can extend it if you wish.

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Hi Badsocref,

Thanks so much for replying ~ very cool spreadsheet but not exactly what I'm looking for.

The benzo spreadsheet found on this site only allows me to enter a 1cc reduction/day.

I simply want to be able to enter .5cc reduction/day and it won't allow this variable- it will only let me put in 1cc or 2cc.

This seems so crazy easy yet unable to find a solution...yet. 

I'm thinking you can!  Here is what I need:

Start date: June 1st, 2016 

Pill is 1mg Klonopin

Current Dose is .75mg  (I'm holding at .75mg until June 1st)

Total Volume of Liquid: 300cc

Reduction per day: .5cc

This should give me a taper of 600 days which will equal 5% reduction per month

This is the link to the spreadsheet- say "get spreadsheet", top left http://www.benzosupport.org/the_spreadsheet.htm

Can this be adjusted to enter the .5cc reduction I'm looking for?

Thanks much again!  This should be a snap compared to the spreadsheet you created.

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You simply want to do a linear taper (reducing by 0.5 mls per day).


You'd simply reduce todays dose by 0.5 mls from the previous day's dose.







... and so on...


I don't have the time to re-write the other person's spread sheet right now, but mine will do your taper if you enter 0.75 as your current dose, 0.75 as the dose in the intact pill, 1200 for the proposed taper duration, 300 for the liquid volume AND enter the value '85' in the Pain column for each day (leave the other symptom descriptors blank).  The spreadsheet will think you're having very few symptoms and will accelerate your rate to a linear taper of 600 days.


It sort of defeats the purpose of my spread sheet which was to adjust tapering rates based on symptoms, but if you want to set up a schedule independent from symptoms, you can trick the spread sheet into doing it.

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