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Every google search I make with my symptoms seemed to link to this forum. I was prescribed .5mg Xanax PRN over 10 years ago for my infrequent panic attacks. A 30 day supply would usually last me 4-6 months.  About 6 months ago I started getting pains in my abdomen and frequent headaches. After numerous blood tests, CT scans, Sonograms, etc, and a multitude of headache meds that didn't work,  no one could find the cause. I was scared and found I started taking my Xanax daily, as it was the only source of relief. I ended up having my gall bladder removed, and rather than taking the Hydrocodones I was prescribed I told the surgeon my Xanax worked better and took those. I returned to work but didn't feel fully healed. I work at the IRS so it was a high stress job. The pains remained and were accompanied by more pain, unexplained strange tastes in my mouth, muscle twitches, etc. Because I was scared, I kept taking the Xanax. My primary had discontinued my prescription and told me I needed to see a psychiatrist. the earliest I could get an apt there was 6 months away.  I panicked and had my neurologist refill the Xanax until my appointment. Then I got a concussion. Again, only Xanax would alleviate the pain. Soon work became unbearable. I stopped eating and lost 40 lbs over the 4 month period. It was only when I googled my symptoms that I realized that the Xanax was the CAUSE of the problems, not the solution. I checked into an inpatient mental health facility for help, who said they don't detox, so I left and tried to do it myself. I saw a psychiatrist and told him I wanted off the Xanax, but he misunderstood me and gave me klonopin instead. Frustrated, after researching myself, I decided to attempt my own taper. This was a nightmare. I started having horrific hallucinations, tremors all over my body, was shaking so bad I couldn't hold a spoon. I stopped eating entirely and lost another 10 lbs in 1 week. I began sleeping only 2 hours at a time, and those were only when I took the .25mgs for my "taper". I found myself praying to God constantly to just take me to heaven and end this hell on earth. I ended up having to return to the mental health facility because my mother was terrified that I was dying in front of her eyes.  There they gave me phenobarbital on a tapered schedule and checking my vitals every 4 hours for 2 days to get me through the acute phase. I was there for 9 days and am now back in the "real world", but the symptoms are still VERY much there...the horrible taste, the muscle aches and twitches, and the panic, which is now worse because I have lost my "crutch". I'm terrified that this will last for months or years...
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Hi jenjak :hug: Welcome to Benzobuddies


So sorry you are having a rough time, if you have been on benzodiazepines more than a few weeks, they should be tapered off slowly.  You will get better,  any symptoms you are experiencing are temporary, but it does take quite some time for the CNS to recover.


I will put a link to the Ashton Manual, it is a definitive resource about these medications and how to withdraw. It also discusses the effects these types of medications have on the body.  Professor Ashtons Manual


We do have a dedicated board for those people who have done a cold turkey or rapid withdrawal.  You can connect with others there who are in the same situation as you are: Cold Turkey Detox & Rapid Withdrawal Board


Here is link to the Post withdrawal support Post withdrawal recovery support board


Take a look at the Success Stories, it does get better with some time. Success Stories


Please feel free to ask questions, members can respond with the best information if they know your medication history so I will ask you to create a signature line listing your medication and dose.  Here are the directions to do that: ”Create a signature”


Welcome aboard





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