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Remeron vs Bromazepam????


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Dear Friends


I went to the doctor yesterday and discussed with here my fear of Benzo dependency and as i am currently on 6 Mg Bromazepam and 25 Mg of Amitriptyline (only at night) to change the course of treatment to 15 Mg of Remeron and 3Mg of Bromazepam (first week) then 15 Mg Remeron and 1.5 Mg Bromazepam the next and after that continue with 15 Mg of Remeron.


I hear around that Remeron (mirtazapine) has also bad withdrawals. Can you please tell me is it a good plan or i am playing with fire again...????!!!


By the way my wife is due in 4-5 weeks and i do not want her to find her daddy so obsessed with Benzo and not able to enjoy life again.


I have used Bromazepam for 1 month and before that around 30 0.25 tablets of xanax in a period of around 2 months.


Please helppppppppp.....

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I started using 15 mg of Remeron right now and did a fast taper from 6 mg Bromazepam to 2 mg currently. It helps a lot with sleep and I am able to be functional all the time. My wife will give birth in mid June so had no choice. Let's hope I am not one of those having hard time tapering Remeron....
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