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Get rid of Benzodiazepin


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I have taken Diferent tipe of benzodiazeoins during last 10 year and in this moment I am trying to get rid of them ( please excuse my bad english).

In the moment i am taking 2mg /day of Lorazepan .

I have ssen during this last 10 year diferent doctors that prescribe diferent medicines but without good results. By experience the Lorazepan is the medicine that give best results, but i feel each time more addicted.

I wold like to know the best way to reduce or even finish the medication

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Hello Goodycao :hug: Welcome to BenzoBuddies.


You will get plenty of good advice and support from our caring community. Are you familiar with the Ashton Manual, It is an authoritative resource on benzodiazepines and how to withdraw. The generally accepted taper rate is 5-10%, every 10 to 14 days.   


A slow taper will help to keep withdrawal symptoms manageable.  Although symptoms can be severe at times, please know that they are temporary.  We do eventually recover from this experience.


Here are some links to get you started.


The Ashton Manual is an invaluable resource, I found this manual very helpful when I began this process. 


General Taper Plans


Withdrawal Support is an excellent board to connect with members and share benzo withdrawal experiences.


Please take the time to Create a SignatureThis will allow others to see where you are in the process so they can better support you.


Feel free to post on any of our dedicated boards. 


Welcome aboard




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