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klonopin Wd


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Been off klonopin for 2 months now and feeling a lot better with a few lingering wd's. I was scripted kpins for 3 years along with oxycodone, the pain management doc got me up to 12-14 mg's a day which at the time I had no clue how much that really was. I've yet to read anyone else to get scripted such a crazy amount. Im sure people have tripled that doseage but still it's a shit ton. So I basically cold turkey'ed off both the kpins and Oxycodone with no comfort meds or anti seizure. First month wasn't great, had no clue what med was doing what as far as wd. Couldn't keep food down for 20 days or so, panic attacks every hour for the first 2 weeks, but by day 25 I started to bounce back quickly. Gained back 50 pounds in the past two months no anxiety returned to work am active and the few wd's that are left are quite annoying but im confident they will subside in time. I think I got very lucky considering the doseage I was on and c/Ted (would never recommend cold turkey to anyone) thinking back it wasn't as bad as I thought and weathered thru. thx for your time
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Hello Swcc20 :hug: Welcome to benzobuddies


I am happy that you found us, you will receive much support here.  Cold turkey is never recommended and can be dangerous.  I agree that was a crazy amount, I have known others to come off high amounts, but are not as fortunate as you,  you sound like you’re doing okay.    Withdrawal can be deadful and symptoms can take quite some time to settle down, I am so pleased your doing well. 


The Ashton Manual is a very good resource about benzo withdrawal.  It will give you information about the recovery process.


I will put a link to it: : Professor Ashtons Manual


Congratulations on being benzo free. Please feel free to ask questions, we have many supportive and kind members here who will support you and give sound advice. Feel free to check out the forum and post to any of our dedicated threads.


Here is a link to our Post withdrawal recovery support.


If you would be so kind as to add a signature (history of meds/doses etc) it will help members give you relevant advice this link will show you how to  ”Create a signature”


Welcome aboard




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