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Electric feeling in feet and legs / Chest muscle pains


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I've read a lot of posts here covering the topic of electric tingling in feet and legs.

I have this to a various degree. Some days can be fine while other days are horrible.


If i am stupid enough to take a rescue dose, i get this feeling very strong the following day.

(So why take rescue doses, right - It's better than panic attacks)


I also have muscle pains in my chest on the right side only.


The only thing that helps with this is a hot water bottle.


Strangely and i must say i am grateful of this it gets better when i am relaxed during the night.


It can be hell when i go to bed, but much better if i should wake up a couple of hours later.


Anybody with similar experiences.


I am now at 3mg of Valium down from 4, with a rescue dose of 5mg every once in a while.



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It's exactly as you describe. I noticed that if I meditate every 2 hours , then the feeling is stillt here of course but at its lowest strenght. But when I do to much it is horrible. I would suggest not to take rescue doses because that does count. But I have the same type of horrible panick attacks because of seroquel so I understand (I did not have them prior to taking and tapering seroquel so I am very sure it is because of seroquel, anxiety was not my original problem
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Thanks for your reply.


I had been taken Seroquel for about 8 years when i decided to stop (with my doctors agreement).


I have now been off for four months and feel much better and have lost 10kg since January 1st.


I tried to taper three times. The first two with no success, but when i taped carefully i managed to do it

without too many problems.

I was on 600 mg a day. When i tapered i took off 50mg every 10 days and that was a success.


If it give you panic attacks, i hope you are allowed to get off this medication.

I've had panic attacks while on Sobril (norwegian name for another benzo),

but after switching to Valium the panic attacks mystically disappeared.


I pray i will never get them again, and i don't have to tell you how horrible they are. You know.


Best wishes


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