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Macrobid and Monistat?help!


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Ok beautiful benzos now I have a UTI and yeast infection

Haven't had one in years

Can I take macrobid and Monistat

Scared bc I react to antibiotics all the time

Pls help

Been trying cranberry yogurt garlic all kinds of natural crap but this has been going on for 16 days and getting eorse

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Thank you

Do you know if your UTI was caused by E. coli or enterrococus?

Mine cultures enterrococus which I think sadly doesn't respond to d mannose

And it needs a stronger antibiotic

I am sooo scared bc I had a terrible terrible reaction to amoxicillan last year which actually led me on benzos

Idk if it's an underlying Lyme issue or what but I went nuts on it and it shocked my Cns. Will see what doc says. I don't want to end up w kidney infection and not sure if cranberry can kick this

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