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I've found a healthy, non-caffeine alternative for coffee lovers :)


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Hi all,


One thing I miss the most about the tapering process is COFFEE.  :smitten: I miss my daily cup of morning Joe, and I do admit I treat myself to the occasional decaf now and then. However, I recently discovered an herbal, CAFFEINE-FREE coffee alternative called Teeccino, and at the horrible risk of sounding like a marketing rep for them, I love it! (NOTE: I am in NO way, shape, or form affiliated with this product or its people!) It doesn't 100% taste like the real thing, but it's pretty darn close.


Teeccino's main website is http://teeccino.com/, and you can either order online or use their store locator: http://teeccino.com/storelocator.html to find a retailer near you. Health benefits are here: http://teeccino.com/about/36/Teeccino-Health-Benefits.html, and if anyone has concerns about herbal contraindications with meds, the ingredients page is here: http://teeccino.com/about/35/Teeccino's-Ingredients.html.


Hope this helps the caffeine lovers out there! It's been a lifesaver for me. :)



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I went to cold brewed coffee served hot using decaf only.  The cold brewing takes out about 70% of the acid so it is easy on the gut.  This is not the same as regular brew but still provides a mild coffee flavor.  There are lots of info on the web about cold brewed coffee. 
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