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DP DR at 5th week ct.


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Hi benzos-R-cruel,


My dp dr is really at its worst.


I can not control any. I feel like faint.

And this is 5th week.



How did you handle dp dr at its extreme?

When would Accute be over?


I see majority success case did taper.

I read ct can cause permanent damage.


I am so stuck, scared.

Overcoming ct is like a winning lottery?

Am I just waiting to win a lottery?

or is it possible really?

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No, you are not waiting to win the lottery. You will heal. I went through a horrific cold turkey withdrawal from a very large amount after over a decade of use and i consider myself healed. I did by the end of the first year. I have some lingering emotional blunting but I have not had severe symptoms in almost two years. Unfortunately DP/DR are fairly common in early withdrawal.  I know firsthand. What I can tell you from my own experience and seeing others is that it does get better...much better. However, those first couple of months can be rough. The acute phase on average lasts around a month. Marked relief is often felt after. Symptoms can be more severe for someone who stopped suddenly. That is just one of the reason cold turkey withdrawals are ill advised. Know that what you experiencing is temporary. You will heal.
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