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One month and 9 days post rapid withdrawl


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Well I'm a month and 8 days off a rapid withdrawl, symptoms come in waves, this week it feels like someone took a baseball bat to both my knee caps. Walking has been a challenge and forget exercise right now!


Thankfully the hyperactivity in my ears and eyes has  dissipated, for this week at least. I think the worst symptom is the inability to consentrate at work. Can't get anything done, can't engage people, often sit here and just sit on my cell phone. My brain cannot focus on one task for longer than 5 minutes. I want to quit my job but then I would lose my apartment!. Also having a hard time engaging in interactions with people. Socializing, conversing, showing interest or emotion for anything.


I'm grateful though because the first two weeks were literally unbareable. At its worst I would suffer from any of the below symptoms simultaneousl.

Panic attacks

Hypersensitivity - sight sound taste

Cognitive blur

Inability to form sentences

Unrealism - mind out of body

Unable produce emotion / depersonalization

Bouts of hysteria


Muscle spasms

Joint pain

Numbness of fingers and feet

Restless legs


Thankfully the extreme sudden onset of symptoms has seemed to cool down but they rear their ugly faces every now and then

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I am sorry to read about the pain in your knee caps but happy to read that you have had some relief, and "cooling" down of your symptom since your acute phase. It is a slow gradual process, and just like you improved once you were out of acute you will only continue to heal.  :smitten:
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You are pretty early in a rapid withdrawal from a high dose. I know that you are feeling lousy, but given the circumstances, you are doing relatively well. Try to hang tight and be optimistic and the next few months will show improvement. Don't focus on your symptoms and be patient. You will feel crappy for a while but you will get better.
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