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My Withdrawal Symptoms so Far..


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I only used Klonopin for 9 days...(spread across 19 day period) and took a total of ten .5 mg tabs. Here is my usage and symptoms so far...


Day 1 = .5 mg at the ER for Palpitations

Day 2 - .5 mg

Day 3 - .5 mg

Day 4 = .5 mg

Day 5 - .5 mg

Day 6 - .5 mg

(Nine Day Break)

Day 14- Rebound Anxiety

Day 15 = .5 mg

Day 17 = .5 mg

Day 19 =.5 mg plus .5 mg

Cold Turkey!



Symptoms started Day 21 - Vivid Dreams

Day 22 - Burning Sensation throughout body

waking up with heart palpitations

Day 23- Difficulty Swallowing Food

Day 24 - Feeling cortisol and Adrenaline flowing all through my body

Day 25 - Insomnia

Day 26 - Shakes/Tremors/Head Fog

Day 27 - Woke up with panic attacks...3 times in one night..bad dreams and hert palpitations all day

Day 28 - ?? That's Tonight


When can i expect these symptoms to stop and subside and be normal again? Please help!

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Very likely that your taper was too fast.  You might check with your doc on a taper schedule.  By only being on 9 days, your symptoms shouldn't last very long.


A prayer for you!



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Since i am already 10 days into the withdrawal..and have had no seizures, please tell me i don't have to taper..i hope the symptoms will end soon...and that i don't have any protracted symptoms..which i believe are common with long time users only??
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Physical dependence after less than a month of usage? Wow. I was physically dependent after exactly 30 days also though so it's not that surprising I guess. I don't think you should reinstate as long as your life is not in danger. Stay strong. Hopefully your path of healing will be a quick one.
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